Banana Beet Smoothie Recipe


Riding this wave of energy from all of the moon and planetary activity, short on sleep, need something yummy to wake me up enough to do some things until this subsides a little bit.

This superfood smoothie is an awesome way to get nutrients without having to cook anything or even use your jaw to chew. For the truly inspired lazy person who danced a little too close to the sun and is feeling the burn.

My magic bullet broke a week ago (single tear) so I used a blender to make this one and I had a lot of extra – not complaining!

Here’s what I put in this thing:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 unfrozen, ripe banana
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 tablespoon beet powder
  • 2 tablespoons cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon maca powder
  • 2 cups of mixed greens – baby kale, baby chard, baby spinach
  • 1 tablespoon milk thistle seeds
  • 1 tablespoon black chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • couple slices of ginger
  • splash of cold brew coffee (optional)
  • garnished with a late-season fig!

Woop woop, there you have it. It was really so delicious! And if you’re wondering about the beet powder, I found it in bulk at the grocery store and did not in fact grind up beets into a powder. Yes, beet powder is a thing! And beets are so good for detoxifying your organs, especially your liver, which gets bogged down with cleaning your blood so that your skin (also an organ) remains nice and everything’s working normal.

The combo of beet powder, milk thistle, and power greens makes this smoothie extra detoxifying. While the cacao and maca provide valid energy you can feel right away.

Clear out the old stuff and make space for the new day! Enjoy it :)

Open Heart


Of course I know what it feels like to feel unseen, unheard, like what you are doing doesn’t matter. I’ve been there many times. We all have self-doubts and insecurities. The sources vary in size and kind, it is part of being human, but we don’t have to listen to them. We don’t have to let them stop us from going after what we want in this life, even if that changes daily.

We learn to hide our hearts around people the people we don’t know, and sometimes even those we do.

This is for a sense of protection and it is good for that purpose. It definitely keeps us safe. But it keeps away real connection also.

I used to feel unsupported by life. Like I had no one I could really count on and no one to trust. But once I realized that I was making all of that my reality by focusing on it and believing it to be true, it was easier to stop believing it to be true. Once I realized that everyone feels the same at one time or another, it has been easier to relate to other people on a deeper level.

All of this good was always around me, I just wasn’t paying attention.

So I want you to pay attention to the good too, if you can, as much as you can.

As comforting as it can be holding onto anxiety and fear and the stories we tell ourselves about our pasts and our futures, it keeps us from being our real selves. Our real selves want to show up in the world ready to share the gifts we have and receive the gifts from others. Our hearts are always there, rattling inside the cages that we’ve built around them, banging on and bending the bars, trying to break free.

I don’t know anything except what we all know deep down, which is that we are all in this shared human experience together. And it gets dark sometimes but if we move through those fears that are in our minds, we can come out on the other side with all of that space ready to be filled up with joy, appreciation, love.

Feel the support. Feel the love. Feel the patience and the kindness of those around you and really believe that everyone is always just doing the best they can.

When we realize we are already all connected in this deep way, real connection is inevitable.

Believe in yourself and in the goodness of others. Do what matters most to you and don’t worry about the rest.



It feels so fucking good to be back in the flow of life again.

Peeling back up in Cobra today, I open my eyes and look down at my mat.

I see the individual threads of the fibers woven together just inches in front of my face and I realize, the fibers are alive!

Every thing that exists is made up of energy.

Everything is alive.

How can I not be amazed at life when it’s that fucking magical?

Enough with spoiling the mystery.

An Ode to Moving On


I was sitting outside on a park bench where I like to take nature breaks. I looked up to the sky to look at the clouds, and I saw a hawk circling over specific area. Round and around he went, in increasingly larger concentric circles over something he was chasing. I watched him intently. Then without warning he changed directions, broke the circle, and started soaring across the sky, above my head and over to the left. He resumed his circling there, scanning the area below for any possible food. Not with ill intent. Not to cause harm. But to find food. He was hungry. Or maybe she. Maybe it was a she with babies to feed. The point is, he or she knew when to move on.

Recognizing when we as humans should move on can be a bit more complex. When to adjust, or change our course completely? Let’s look at the areas of our lives where we’ve been circling overhead the same shit, hoping for what we want to come into our circle.

Or we might be planning our life’s direction with such rigidity that it leaves no room for magic. Getting too caught up in an end goal can cause us to miss out on what is happening right here in front of us, right now. Intuition speaks when we are quiet enough to listen. Opportunities, synchronicities, serendipitous moments all live in the stillness, the silence, the peace, the gap between thoughts and planning our futures. The balance between stop and go.

When we are serving a life purpose instead of a goal, there isn’t really an end destination. It’s more about the people we meet and the situations we encounter along the way. It’s about struggle and pushing ourselves to our limits, finding out what we are truly capable of. It’s about committment, but also flexibility. Fluidity. Because it changes as we change. It grows as we grow.

That is how we veer off course, coincidentally. Every time I have felt I have lost my way it is because I wasn’t paying attention. When life seems beautiful you want to pay attention. And life seems beautiful when you can relax and just accept what is.

The universe has its own timing for everything.

Trying to force or missing out on things meant for us won’t find us what we are looking for. One day we will look back at the moments where we thought we were missing out on something big, and we will realize that where we were guided instead was somewhere beyond our wildest imaginations. And we will realize that our planning, our goals, never really had that much factor in the equation. The universe just had something much better in store.

We won’t find out what’s in store for us if we keep circling the same area and hoping that the things we desire will step into our circle. We need to take action. Widen our circle. Move it completely when necessary.

We need to meet the universe in the middle.

It takes courage to change direction. It is not giving up.

The hawk’s goal doesn’t change. It is still on its search to find food. But in circling different areas, it learns where it needs to persist and where it needs to move on. The hawk could try to analyze from his nest which area is best to search for food, but until it actually starts moving and flying, nothing is accomplished. Speculation doesn’t feed hawk babies, and it doesn’t feed our souls either.

So let us feed our souls. Let us focus on what feels good and right for us in this moment. Let us adjust our scanning circle when needed and as often as needed. Let us get swept up in the current of everything that exists in this moment and let the universe carry us to places more incredible than any we could have planned out for ourselves.

Share It


What do you say, when there are no words?

When words are not enough to possibly explain or reason or help.

Words are great and powerful tools that we have used since the beginning of existence to document, to communicate, to express.

But there are forces far more powerful, far more benevolent, far more destructive, more broken, more connecting, more open, more universal, more true.

Sometimes I sit down to my computer to write and nothing comes out. This is frustrating. Here I am, wanting to write, feeling the urge to make words come out, but with no words to write. You need words in order to write!

Sometimes I would sit there and there would be a blank. Which would melt into a boredom. A need to get up and get a glass of wine. To text or call a friend. To read a book. To go for a walk. To do anything to distract myself to not be there.

Other times I would sit there with my heart feeling like it was drowning in my chest. My stomach riding waves like a boat on choppy waters. My fingers would go to the keys and then I would come to the slow, hard realization that I did not have the words.

Sometimes I would lie down.

Sometimes I would go back to another time when I felt the same, and I would cry.

Sometimes I would completely shut down.

And through it all, my heart would continue beating inside my chest.

I have since learned ways to bring attention back to that miraculous life force energy pulsing under the surface of my emotions, but it is not always easy. And there are not always words.

So instead of shutting down, I open myself up to myself.

Instead of shutting down, shut down the computer, and realize that the words will come when they are ready.

I do what I can do and release any judgment I have on myself for not having words when I think that I should have them.


Drink that glass of wine. Talk to that friend. Go for that walk. Read that book.

Or just lie there on the fucking floor for a minute. Put your hand on your heart. Feel it beating and know that it is there with you, through everything.

Deep gratitude. For not failing me. For helping me trust that the words will come whenever they are good and ready.

The heart always knows where it’s guiding you. Sometimes it just takes the brain a day or a week or a month or a year to catch up.

So get up off of that floor, and write from your heart. Don’t think twice about it. Don’t try to make it perfect; it will never be perfect. What it will be is you. The most authentic, gooey, real parts of you come out in those moments in time. And you get to choose if you are the only one who gets to see it or if you want to share it.

But oh, I hope you share it.